Does relaxing and recharging need to involve a candle-lit room, spa music and essential oils?

I’m definitely a fan of this scenario. A big fan. But obviously most of our lives is spent in non-spa based circmstances.

How can we bring little things that will recharge and relax us into our often busy everyday lives?

If you’ve done yoga or meditated, you will probably have done a form of body scanning. In yoga, it’s the lovely part at the end where you lie still and relax. Listening to a guided body scan on YouTube before going to bed is a great way to release tension from the day and enjoy better quality sleep. It basically means relaxing each part of the body in turn.

You can do this during the day too, in a more subtle way. Take your attention to your scalp and forehead, is there tension there? Allow it to relax a little. Then your face muscles, around your eyes and cheeks. It’s amazing how much tension we hold in our heads!

Do this with some main areas we tend to tense. The throat (swallow and then allow it to relax), the neck, shoulders (let them drop down a bit if that feels good), back of the arms, bottom of the legs, and feet, toes. Even subtle tension release will help you to become more conscious of your body and support your physical and mental wellness. We are all worth it.