My life probably wouldn’t work for you. Your life probably wouldn’t work for me! And comparing tends to steal joy – or totally kills it (not in a good way) 🙂

But…I know I’m not the only one who does it. Right? They look happier, thinner, richer, prettier, more successful, younger, older, have better looking (fill in the body part/s!). Then the mind will try and tell us: ‘That means you’re inadequate’ or ‘See, there’s no point trying – you’ll never be a good as them.’ (Do you do this too?)

When these thoughts creep in, try this. Say: ‘Thanks for sharing’ (disclaimer: I heart this from T Harv Eker!) Then gently re-direct your thinking back to what you want in your life, what you really want. What’s one small step you can take towards it? What would bring you joy today?

We never know what’s really going on with other people anyway. And what makes each of us happy is unique and beautiful and perfect. Let’s focus on finding and nurturing that, instead of wasting energy comparing.